Why MenuAid?

It can be hard to find the time to make new & exciting meals while juggling work, sporting commitments, taking care of the kids, homework help and family activities. MenuAid makes mealtimes more flexible, more enjoyable and ultimately less expensive by getting exciting food on the table every week without the stress.

Ingredient selection

The quality, brand and volume of the ingredients you use is totally up to you.

Simple for everyone

All recipes are easy and within the capabilities of novice or reluctant cooks.

Portion flexibility

Feed as many or as little as you need with the option of leftovers for lunch.

Support local economies

Source your meat from the local butcher & veggies from the farmers market.

Minimise overall waste

Plan your meals around your schedule to ensure none of your perishables go to waste. 

Embrace culinary creativity

Cooking is a skill, allow a natural curiosity to develop through trial and error.