Meals Made Easy

We’ve all had those moments where we would give anything to have our weekly menu planned, our shopping list prepared and our groceries delivered... Well, now you can. MenuAid is a seamless menu planning platform that makes mealtimes easier with weekly recipes, an editable shopping list and flexible shopping options.

How It Works

Pick Your Meals

We send you 5 recipes each week, and you get to decide which ones to cook. You can easily choose recipes from your previous weeks too! You'll then find all your ingredients reconsolidated in your trolley.

Edit Your List

Don’t like Mushrooms? Get rid of them. Need extra because you have friends coming over? Simply add more. Craving something for dessert? Go on - add it to the trolley

Get Your Food

The only difficult decision; do you go to the shops yourself or have your items delivered? Lucky for you, MenuAid allows you to do either.


Menu Plans

Beef with rich tomato sauce and Israeli couscous.jpg

This plan consists of five delicious recipes, including one meat-free meal.

$4 per week
Vegetable and Feta Tray Bake.jpg
Vege Fix

This plan contains five nutritious vegetarian-based recipes that can easily be adapted to vegan.

$4 per week

Why MenuAid?

It can be hard to find the time to make new & exciting meals while juggling work, sporting commitments, taking care of the kids and social activities. MenuAid makes mealtimes more flexible, more enjoyable and ultimately less expensive while getting exciting food on the table every week without the stress.

Saving you time

We have your meal planning and shopping list sorted in just minutes.


The quality, brand and volume of the ingredients you use is totally up to you.

Reduce Food Waste

Plan your meals around your schedule to ensure none of your perishables go to waste. 

Ingredient Flexibility
Support Local Economies

The choice to source your meat from the local butcher & veggies from the market.

Simple For Everyone

Our recipes are all within the capabilities of novice or reluctant cooks.

Embrace Culinary Creativity

We want you to feel inspired by our recipes and we encourage you to add your own twist.

Make mealtimes flexible and enjoyable